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Florence, Or, United States

I am a many faceted artist who works in many styles and mediums, and in all dimensions. Despite my artistic variances, there is a common...

Election Night 2008

Long sigh…
The journey has just begun, however for tonight my faith has been restored in the “Ideals” of America. As a true blooded cynic I have for the majority of the years of my life doubted the course of my government. I have lived with doom like a hot breath on the back of my neck. The Reagan years began a downward spiral of the American spirit. Yes, there have been many times in the past twenty-five years for nationalists to waive their flags in honor of the America they believe in, but the majority of this nation have been troubled as wittiness’s’ to the crimes of the few who tightly grip the power. The pendulum has swung and a paradigm shifted. The American people have spoken. The people, from all corners of this nation, who have held their breath in hope that we would not once again be delivered a lie are tonight renewed. We can not now sit back and wait for President Obama to deliver us from evil. This is our turn to be the decider. The choice has always been ours. We just lost our faith that we have a real voice, a say so that counts. A real president is first just a man, or woman. President Obama humbly extends the power back to the people where it belongs. Take that power, believe in it, engage. Do nothing to stall the momentum that has delivered to the world a promise of a better future. Help President Obama unravel the destruction left behind by the Neo-Cons. He has given his promise to work for you. Hold him to it and do the same for him. This is all of our victory and all of our duty. Lets get to the task of ending the crimes, such as the ongoing wars, and holding the perpetrators responsible. Lets work to restore the image of this country and once again be a beacon to the world. This country has a brutal history of tyranny over some of its own children and others around the world. This is our time to right those wrongs and unite the people of the Earth on a path of love and sustainability. We for the moment have overcome, but tomorrow is a new day. We can start the day with the much deserved smiles on our hearts but we must not rest our hands. The stakes are too high to walk away. The fight will be too long to give up now. Thank you, Barack Obama. You have given to the world much more than your service. I hope in eight years I feel the same or better about what I feel tonight. Anything is possible… Sam Dantone

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