1st journal + poem

decided to be more active on red bubble and so this is my 1st journal + my poem. Also please check out the design ive made for the tshirt comp “in praise of shadows” ta! :)

vanishing vision

still have a longing for the melody of life
the sound of silent whispering in my ears
loneliness fills this stubborn heart
yet i decide not to move anywhere

i want to be stranded here
with only the memories of my yesterday
the feeling of alone in my beatless heart
consumed by the life of the night

as the night falls down
my vision of the past turns to blood
choose to vanish my vision of “you all”
my heart is so cold now

onto a new path of life
with the sand of time surrounding me
memories filled my path of life
but in the end

ill find my way through this endless journey…

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