Red Bubble Rumble & Christmas Getogether - Sydney - The Rocks Sunday 18th November 2012

Red Bubble Rumblers and possible new Rumblers are invited to Red Bubble Rumble in the Historic Rocks Precinct of Sydney, this will include a lunch at one of The Rocks Historic Pubs.

Date: Sunday 18th November 2012 10am until whenever stay as long as you like we can do a photowalk or simply lean back have drinks and a chat, swap notes etc

If you are interested and not on Facebook contact us below, if you are a member of facebook join the event HERE:

in Sydney on the 18th November come along and say hi

Interested in joining the Red Bubble Rumble NSW Group:

Contact the hosts for a invite

Upcoming Events
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Sydney – The Rocks – Red Bubble Rumble & Christmas getogether Sunday 18th November
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Many more to come

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