My Cup Runneth Over 19 Features in 10 days - Many Thanks

Many thanks to the groups and group hosts that have featured my work over the last 10 days. Support your hosts they work hard to make RB work

I Would Also like to thank all the members for all your comments favouritings and viewings you are great people

  • The Silence Before THe Storm* – Mornings & Evenings Group

*Garrison Prayers – Historic Churches Group

Dedication – Historic Churches Group

  • Reflections of New & Old * The Sydney , Sold & New South Wales Groups

Soldiers In The Mist – The Yarra Ranges GRoup

Spanning Time – The Metallic Junktion Group

Steps In Time – The Stairs Group

*Fire Inthe Sky * – The Horizons Group

Convict Stone – The New South Wales Group

!Emerald City* – The New South Wales Group

Gold – Hill End – The New South Wales Group

Lavender Haze – Hill End – The New South Wales Group

  • Dreams* – The New South Wales Group


Marvel – The SEA Group

Mirror – The Rerflectivity Group

Windows Into The Past – The Bits And Pieces Group

Swingtime – The Seachanges Group

Icon – Prize Challenge Group

Journal Comments

  • Tom Gomez
  • jadeast
  • Carol Barona
  • Kazzoom
  • DavidMcLean
  • Paul Gitto
  • Visual   Inspirations
  • Susan Moss
  • Alf Caruana
  • Bev Woodman