Many Thanks To 8 Groups Featuring My Work Recentlty

Many thanks to the hosts of the following groups who have featured my work in the last 10 days.

Support all your hosts who give of their time to create groups which are the base of our RB Community

Memories – The Sydney Group

Masters Paintbrush – All The Colours of The Rainbow Group & Scenery Group

Once Upon A Time – THe Dawn & Dusk Light Group

Sydney Uncut – The Dawn & Dusk LIght Group

OK Who Left the Light on ? – The Eeerie Light Group

*Darkness Falls * – THe Night Photography Group

Swingtime – Stillness Speaks Group

Journal Comments

  • Trevor Fellows
  • Philip Johnson
  • Rosalie Scanlon
  • Madeline M  Allen
  • jansnow
  • Elvira
  • owlspook
  • wiccanrider
  • Bev Woodman
  • Valerie Anne Kelly
  • solareclips~Julie  Alexander