Remembering Ruffled :)

As I click on the hundreds of great photos in redbubble, I often wonder about the story behind the picture. Where were they when…., how did they get that…, and sometimes, is that real….? So, I thought I would share how I captured “ruffled” on film.
I love to fish. One day, I was sitting on the dam of my favorite fishing hole. The day was one of those calm, clear, warm Colorado days, full of sunshine but not bites on the end of my line. Where I was fishing was quite a distance off the main road and not many people knew about the area. Luckily for me, it is always pretty quiet, except for the wildlife. With nothing much to do besides soak up the sun and wait, I became lost in thought.
Suddenly, this little bird flew over and landed on a rock right behind me. He didn’t appear to be hurt, just sitting. So, there we sat, the little bird and I, looking over the sparkling waters….waiting. After about an hour or so, I thought the little bird may be hungry. Very slowly, I reached into my pack and selected a nice juicy worm for him to eat. I guess he wasn’t hungry because all he did was fluff himself up and continue sitting by me.
It was odd that he would sit there for so long. The thought finally came to me to take a photograph of him. I figured no one would believe my story, unless I had proof of the little bird. I reached for my camera, cognizant of moving slowly so I wouldn’t frighten him away and I snapped a couple of photos. Then, he flew away.
Just like that, gone. It was almost like he wanted his photograph taken!
Anyway, he was my little fishing buddy that day. It was pretty cool.

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