Wondering away...

For the next week and a bit, I and my 2 business partners are going on a road trip. Yes, we get road trips. We will be traveling to South Australia to attend the Gumeracha Medieval Fair.

We are going to be lucky enough, before and after the wonderful weekend of entertaining and educating, to be given the opportunity to warp young minds to the idea that not all history has to be learned from reading books. You can go out and try it your self/ Find out just why things are. We create a fun day, using the middle ages as a prop, encouraging exploration of both the sights and the textures.

If this is not enough, in the afternoon and evenings, the plan is to take loads of photos. I am so excited. I get to play with filters and f-stops and hopefully learn what it is a camera can actually do.

Ill be back here, with lots of new stuff and hopefully lots of new inspirations.

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