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Touring Shetland In A Motorhome

If by any chance there are people coming to visit Shetland,and you want to simply enjoy the open air,without the hustle and bustle of a B&B or Hotel,Guest House etc…. Please allow me to introduce to you which is run by good friends of mine,Michael And Louise Irvine.They have a rather spacious,and very clean and tidy,4-Berth Campervan for hire,most of,if not all year round.
Michael will deliver the Motorhome to the airport at Sumburgh,or to the ferry terminal in Lerwick,on your arrival to our beautiful,mystical Islands.
You will not be tied down to one particular place,you can tour all the major Islands,be at one with nature,search out stunning scenery,check out the local wildlife,including many sea birds(Puffins included,everyones favourite),sea mammals,porpoises,seals,killer whales,and another favourite,the otter.There are so many historical and archealogical sites to visit,you will need a bit of time to see them all.Whatever you like doing or seeing,the Motorhome would be your favourite way of discovering Shetlands Past and Present.
So please visit for friendly advice about Shetland,making your plans for your tour,and Michael and Louise will make you very welcome on your arrival in Shetland.

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