Gary Buchan

Weisdale, United Kingdom

This is my work,I would be grateful if anyone wants to know more about me,and my photography,please get in touch,by visiting...

Hello To Everyone

Well,as you can probably guess,this is my first journal.I am so glad I have found a decent place to sell my images,I do try and get my images showcased as much as I can,but never really found anywhere decent to sell them.
I took up serious photography around Christmas 2006,only because my wife bought me a DSLR.And now,well,there is no stopping me,I have thousands of images in my library,and I take my camera everywhere with me.
It used to be a case that,I would just get my camera out and start taking photos of everything and anything,but I see things differently now,because I am looking for that better shot,looking for something different,and hopefully finding images which will sell.
I love photography,as it has helped me lose weight(I go out more,walk more,and walk further),it is a fantastic hobby,and when I am out taking photographs,it is as though,nothing else really matters,there is just me,my camera and my subjects.
I hope,if you read this that you enjoy my images.


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