Avatar is the movie of the decade. It’s a clever, complex and scintillating recipe of themes, values and beliefs that are both universal and marginalised. It is a sincere and powerful critique of some of the values, beliefs and ideals present in the mainstream culture that we interect with. Whilst at times the story line is predictable, the overall experience is not negatively affected by this, and at times one feels no impatience knowing what will come next because they are looking forward to it. Avatar draws on themes expressed, cultivated and explicated by intellectuals such as Dostoyevsky, Dickens and Homer (just a few obvious examples, taken from many the many that are found deep within the body of this insightful film), and by expressing these ideas in a new, rich, and beautiful way…

A reflection upon 'genius'.

Would you perform a typically slutty mainstream song in front of your family?…

If yes; continue reading – I hope I can offer you something to think about.

If no; please continue reading :).

In my eyes I see the word ‘genius’ meaning many different things.
In days gone by it was appropriately used to describe exceptional creative ability.
We, as a society, label each other – whether we like it or not.
Somebody who puts the label of ‘genius’ on their own fore-head is rarely (if ever) taken seriously.
So it’s up to us to mediate what we take as ‘genius’.

I propose the argument that ‘genius’ is now an umbrella term for those who have money.
With the rise of capitalism – the taste for money – the need, desire and longing for this concept created by man to rule other men, has infiltrated and bru

My first feature! (Funny story involved...)

Well, I’ve finally been featured somewhere :D…

The way this occurred was through an interesting series of developments.
A few days ago I was watching a video on youtube about Beatniks.
One person’s comment they left caught my interest and on the spur of the moment I decided to send them a message with a link to my poetry.

They replied back:

“I don’t know if you are aware of it but I run an online anthology of world poetry:

I like what I read and would like to include you."

After a few more emails between us my work was uploaded to! :D

What really surprised me is that somebody liked my work!!

On a less serious note, what really surprised me was that out of all the possible people I could have messaged on youtube I was lucky enough to se

I woke and felt the fell of dark, not day.

Hello :).…

The last few weeks have flown by!
I have been busy lately. Busy being lazy. :)
I haven’t been writing much at all really, in the past few days because my writing really hit a fever pitch a few weeks ago. It was a very intense time.
So I am going to take a step back for a while to focus on other things (my studies).
The holidays are coming up – 3 and a half months of time that I have to fill up with pro-active things to do. I am looking forward to writing more and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, getting some major work done on a few projects I dream about, every once in a while.
That’s my situation as of right now.
I have a few more things to do around the bubble – people to respond to, work to comment on and such.
Once that’s done I’ll be quiet for a few weeks but I’ll still be around :).

I h

Lost for words.

So… I woke up this morning seeing stars.
Admittedly I was/am hungover.
But the surprising aspect of my morning is this:
The moth has departed.
And by departed I don’t mean it has left this world.
I mean it has unstuck itself from the apple sticker and it has GONE!
Which leaves me questioning myself.
I am thinking of re-naming said moth ‘Paris Hilton’, or perhaps even ‘Emma Watson’, yet I am not sure if it will be a recurring feature of this usually quite mundane windowsill.
Right now I think I’ll count my blessings that I didn’t eat the moth, I think.
In any case, it troubles me that Redbull may give you wings, but let us hope that Vodka and Redbull doesn’t make one eat the wings of a moth for a midnight snack….

The start of something beautiful...

We all know that apple-stickers are just one of those things that you find on bus seats, on public toilet walls, on park benches, on lamp posts, in places that seem impossible to reach without superhuman abilities, and sometimes you even find them on apples! Well, about two days ago I ate an apple and innocently placed the left-over sticker on my windowsill. Needless to say I was just placing it there as a temporary home until I would take it to the bin later on.…

A few minutes later I was distracted by a mosquito that was flying around my room. I know that it’s time to close my window then they start humming around, making that annoying sound. So I reached over and had a fight with the belligerent old window, eventually I won and the mosquitoes and what not were shut out.

Moments later I

Caught up.

Our generation is so caught up in materialism and false idols.…

The blonde-wig wearing bimbo, who sings of disco-sticks, getting drunk and not knowing where she is and who she is with – who is constantly dying for attention – suffocating herself in ridiculous clothes. Murdering fashion just to cause a scene – to get her name out in the spotlight – to satisfy her urge, like a gaping wound – torn apart and shredded, a massive vacuum of space which needs to be filled with farcical praise – she disturbs me. Her music is not too bad… I can cope with it, at times. However, herself, as a person – is a disastrous mix of a little talent and a lot of hot air. She is so seriously caught up in herself that it makes me wonder just how she manages to recognise anybody else in this wild world.

And in con

The ball: A vague and happy memory.

Stumbling across the dance floor into Symeons awaiting arms I wonder how I got to into this mess. Full of free beer and some tasty food, jumping around the dance floor like a lunatic, why was I here?
What sort of heinous person had convinced me to join these crusading Catholics as they danced the night away?…

It started months ago when the idea of the second Campion Ball came to fruition. Jodi gathered a bunch of students together to brainstorm about ideas. Soon enough the game plan was drawn and the date was set. Money was found in all types of places, bus seats, under ugly and pathetic newspapers found in the most hellish places from all over Sydney, the pockets of senile old ladies even. The ball committee knew no bounds. The night must go on.

By the time the week of weeks rolled around

A brain inquiry: Have we ever felt this way?

“The human race may be comprised of intelligent individuals
but collectively we’re blundering over a cliff with our eyes wide open.”

-James Hedley, Oxford…

I can see it happening in everything. Things are changing – the metamorphosis is occuring – I am deep within my coccoon and the chemicals are burning, moving and bending my soul. I am losing my control to gain the highest sort of self-control known to human existence. To gain everything one must lose all. And thus it is happening. But it’s not easy, no sir, ho ho. I could try and make it funny; bearable perhaps. But I won’t – because that would defeat the purpose of the whole transition. It would all be in vain if I didn’t take it seriously. And so, I sit here, understanding and enjoying the pain. Just as I enjoy the pain my retainers gi


Fuck it hurts to be real.
Fuck it really hurts to be hurt.
Fuck it hurts even more trying to be fake to evade the hurt.
Being real is really the best way to be happy.
Being real is about being true to your self.
And being truthful is about being happy with your self.

Just a point:

I love first encounters. The ability to take control of the fundamentals of a person’s idea of whatever they are experiencing for the first time is uncanny. This is truly one of the only situations where the power is totally in your hands.

Let's see how this goes...

My holidays were to me like the cocoon is to the butterfly. So far all of my work has been based on inspiration only. Never before have I taken longer than an hour to create any of my pieces. These ideas grew quickly in the garden of inspiration. I seek not to brag, rather I am simply preparing for you to have a full understanding of the importance of the next paragraph.

My newest garden, which is 90% hard work and %10 inspiration, is what I am going to focus on. Like many other artists here, my mind is full of ideas. Soon these ideas shall be ripe and ready for picking. I have never done this before! I look forward to the trials and tribulations this new experience will bring.

Stick with me and I’ll happily take you a long for the ride :)


The awful thing about being a genius is that you know you may have to die before you get recognition.

It’s painful living this way.

It desperately needed to be said.

I'm still standing.

Life’s busy right now – I don’t have much time to sit down and think let alone create. Soon I am returning home to a new house, my beautiful family and my pets. I am looking forward to the beach, long drives into the country side, the markets, the weather, the beauty and freshness of my home. Ahhh I can’t wait to have some tempura too!

Creativity will come with all of this as well I hope – I am looking forward to it all.


I want to live in a fridge. The clean, ordered space appeals to me. Cold, yet cosy (with warm clothes on). Fridges smell wonderful when full with food and drink. I would never be hungry. I think I would be healthier; fatty foods don’t look, nor taste, very good once they have been in the fridge for awhile so I would not eat them.

I want to live in a fridge. With my doonah and pillow, kept consistently cold and fresh. I want to contemplate philosophy, read theology, dissect history and enjoy literature in my fridge.

I want to live in a fridge, with pets too. With pets that also want to live in a fridge. I will have a pet puffin named Bill who will share a glass of milk with me at night. I’ll read him poetry and he’ll flap his wings happily. My Arctic fox named Volttaire will contemplate p

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