Lost for words.

So… I woke up this morning seeing stars.
Admittedly I was/am hungover.
But the surprising aspect of my morning is this:
The moth has departed.
And by departed I don’t mean it has left this world.
I mean it has unstuck itself from the apple sticker and it has GONE!
Which leaves me questioning myself.
I am thinking of re-naming said moth ‘Paris Hilton’, or perhaps even ‘Emma Watson’, yet I am not sure if it will be a recurring feature of this usually quite mundane windowsill.
Right now I think I’ll count my blessings that I didn’t eat the moth, I think.
In any case, it troubles me that Redbull may give you wings, but let us hope that Vodka and Redbull doesn’t make one eat the wings of a moth for a midnight snack….

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