The start of something beautiful...

We all know that apple-stickers are just one of those things that you find on bus seats, on public toilet walls, on park benches, on lamp posts, in places that seem impossible to reach without superhuman abilities, and sometimes you even find them on apples! Well, about two days ago I ate an apple and innocently placed the left-over sticker on my windowsill. Needless to say I was just placing it there as a temporary home until I would take it to the bin later on.

A few minutes later I was distracted by a mosquito that was flying around my room. I know that it’s time to close my window then they start humming around, making that annoying sound. So I reached over and had a fight with the belligerent old window, eventually I won and the mosquitoes and what not were shut out.

Moments later I glanced down at the windowsill and I noticed a moth holding my apple sticker, snuggling with it and just generally embracing it!
I sort of laughed, awkwardly and then poked the moth/sticker thing.
The moth didn’t move at all.
It was dead… and clinging to an apple sticker…

In silence I mourned the death of the moth as I retreated under the covers on my bed.

“In death, a moth has a name… Its name was Granny Smith…”

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