Art about female objects iand forms? Or art about women?

Redbubble just sent out an email with a grid of pictures for International Women’s Day. Buy this “Women” art! The art selected was good – as individual pieces these are quite interesting and accomplished. However, the collection and targeted occassion didn’t work so well. For Women’s Day, the selection was subtly offensive on several levels. Never mind the questionable taste of jumping on the anti-oppression bandwagon. What sorts of images of women really speak to Women’s Day – to women as people, to our status, our lives, our actions, and our struggles? Probably not ethnographic photos (beautiful, but off topic), pretty drawings of pretty blank faced girls, etc. One or two of these might have rounded out a good mix of women-as-actual-people art. But there is ONLY ONE image in the entire raster with a woman performing an action instead of posing! She’s cutting her hair, which is an eloquent response to this particular visual message. (OK there is an ethnographic image of a woman with sticks bundled on her back, but still not very much thought into the selection)

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