The Ogenblik

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced. “I…” he stopped and paused. He opened his mouth to speak the next, inevitable word but something was wrong. He could feel it in his throat, his mind, his heart and his arms. His arm felt loose and heavy and seemed to hang uselessly by his sides. They appeared to the man’s mind as if they were not something designed by God that had a purpose, but was just a spare limb that served as being part of a human’s genetic makeup. His heart appeared to be in an even worse condition. His eyes drifted towards his hands and he looked at them, twisting his fingers together nervously. He glanced at them again and noticed that the brilliance of the overhead lights placed a bright focus onto his hands. He looked upwards and saw the bright white light shine from a grey, old lantern with a red style cover. How could something so pretty shine through the inside when the outside seeks to lower the expectations of the light’s brilliance? He thought wonderingly at this philosophical observation. Underneath though, he and his heart knew why. It was not the first occurrence of this phenomena.

His eyes followed the lights rays til it landed upon the crowd of people waiting. He looked at them but his eyes focused upon a particular figure. Someone whose image was so clearly burned into his mind that he has though of nothing else all day. Someone, whose eyes brightened at the site of his and seemed to reflect everything good and happy in his life. He glanced into those bright, blue eyes again and saw the light of the lanterns reflect into them. He suddenly saw a strange movement. It appeared to be at the corner of his eye. He dragged his brown eyes away and forced himself to look at this strange flapping, waving motion. His mind chose that opportunity to concentrate away from reality to focus on something unrelated.

“Frankie,” his past self called, “Can you come here and help me with this chord?” Jonah spoke clearly from his sitting spot near the piano that he has sat in for the past 2 hours. “Yes, just a moment” Frankie called from the kitchen. Jonah played the first two bars of the Carmen song in response. Then he glanced around at his abode. Humble as it was, he always considered it home. The dusty drawers to the left that have never been cleaned was testament to his need for everything to be homely. He looked at the black and white keys, so old that they belonged to his grandfather, but so precious as if they were made of precious marble. His grandfather was a brilliant pianist who played classical music and often performed his homeland’s songs at cultural events. His familiar hands had brushed each key playing all the Dutch melodies he knew. His composed songs surrounded the piano, each beautifully designed and developed. Jonah then looked towards his own work. His latest unfinished work of art stood at the piano stand but bending over as if no life was in it yet. The ‘yet to be completely composed’ Sonata Riviera stared at him. His eyes drifted to above the piano at the sheets of music crowding the top. He stood up to get a closer observation. His mind concentrating on how many more sheets till the mountainous pile would collapse. He had just reached an estimate of 5 when he heard soft footballs tread the blue carpet hall. The feet made soft, small patters across the thin, worn carpet. He quickly sat down on the piano seat, flipping his pretend jacket tail away and performed a Mozart entrance tune. She smiled her face crinkling in a relaxed and content facial feature. She walked over, and sat near him. “Play” she said. And straight away was together with him in his magical musical world, sharing with him his talent and gift for tunes that represent the moment shared. His hands had a purpose then, and that is when his mind gave a sharp jolt to wake him into the present.

He looked at the crowd again and realised his purpose of tonight. He composed himself to finish the last words of his small, but meaningful speech. He held his hand to his heart and realised that his heart had returned to its usual pace of quick, fast, nervous beating. He breathed in deeply and slowly felt his heart slower and relax. He closed his eyes and realised that it was now or never. This was his moment, and their moment. Jonah’s and Frankie’s moment. His mind begun to steadily work again. Struggling to regain the data from his well-rehearsed and practised speech. He wondered how long he had been standing there, lost in his own world. He mentally shook his head, determined to prepare himself. He cleared his throat, and straightened his lanky profile. He looked towards them and summoned his power of voice.

“I present the Ogenblik Riviera Sonata. The Moment Song.” His eyes once again rested upon Frankie and he turned towards his familiar brown piano. He flipped his coat back and sat comfortably on his own piano seat. He felt feeling being returned back into his lightly tanned, practiced, pianist hands again. Once again they had a purpose and he intended to fulfil his dream. His hands brushed the worn, marble keys and rested his fingers upon flats, sharps and notes. Silence was heard throughout the entire moonlight stage. He pressed the first key and the melodious moment began.

The Ogenblik


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Just a little something I wrote one day.

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