My 1st day at RED BUBBLE!!!

Hello, my name is Tiffany…for those who didn’t know : ) …


Anyway, this is an awesomely cool community…

Just a little about me (because I’m new):
– I don’t do art, but I really regret not doing it & think I should have stabs self
– My favourite thing to do when I’m bored is to sketch some fashion illustrations
– I’m more into designing ‘haute couture’ garments
– I’m pretty open to most forms of art (i.e. I’d be willing to take upon different areas)
– I couldn’t write a decent piece of literature for my life…

I also enjoy music (I play crappily on the violin, but considerably better on the piano), dancing ballet (classical), contemporary dance & one day, I want to become ambidextrous.

For those who haven’t met me in person, you’re probably thinking ‘who the hell is this psycho?!’ & my response to them is whatever, I feel high.

In future, keep in mind that I have these periodic highs in which I go extremely HYPERACTIVE and my brain goes into OVERDRIVE…

In future, I also think that I will regret posting this.

OK, I’ve had enough of pointless rambling for the day.

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