I’m a human being from the planet EARTH!
Personal Interests: Zombie Cheese, Art, Yak Milk, Scratching my head, The interdimensional reality of the human psyche v the non-interdimensional reality of the outer mongolian yak.
Artistic Interests: Comicbook, sci-fi and fantasy style art.

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  • Joined: August 2009


Rustyoldtown Facebook page

Thought it was about time I had a Facebook page so people can like me…..hmmm…you know what I mean? :) / So here it is Rustyoldtown’s Facebook Page / Thank you!
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Is this a slogan tee?

Does anyone have any idea why this work may be better suited to groups other than Slogan tees? / Every once and a while I’m left baffled by hosts refusing artwork based on hard to grasp reasons, usually you submit work and think yep that’s exactly the group for this, but sometimes your not sure and it’s touch and go if it’s excepted or not, if it’s not excepted you t…
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Alien Scream

My Very first Threadless T-Shirt submission was accepted, and here it is, I call it Alien Scream / Please GO AND VOTE FOR IT! / I began this design by starting with the mouth and just added the rest not knowing what sort of creature I was drawing, but I’m very happy with the result.
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Inspiring others

Seeing the talent on show here at redbubble it is difficult not to be inspired by the various styles and techniques on show. / I have often been inspired by the artists from the field of comicbooks and the artist Brian Bolland is my personal favourite, but as for inspiring others with my work, well that’s not something I’ve encountered very often. / Although it does seem I was the ins…
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