Work in Progress... Flying High (music can make everything feel like Home)

I apologize for the poor quality as per usual . . . for all expect the last one. I took it now to add it to the wip and It’s not pix-elated like the rest – I don’t remember it, but I probably took the rest with ‘low quality’ and ‘480×640 resolution’ preferences (as it’s my mobiles camera standard profile). Here is the finished painting ○ ..¸.´○¸.○.¸.•¨¯`¸.• (⌒_⌒) ✬⋰.•* Much love, Rouble xxx

Work in Progress... fяeeḓøm ḉonтяol

Not much of a work in a progress to be honest :) I found the unfinished pics in my scanner’s folder and I thought it would be cool to share them … with my secret for water based paints.

Many of you already know (especially those who follow my work from the begging) that I love working with acrylics, gouache and watercolours. Not a few times I have recommend to many of you to try this way – so here are some tips!

✫ I always use the acrylics for base and if I use gouache it’s going to be on top of it (or mixed with the acrylic, but carefully – you don’t want to make a hole in your canvas)!!

✫ I use watercolours on top of all, after everything is dry well. I do it this way because watercolours give me the incredible ability to colourize anything I want in any scale I want.

☓ Of course th

Work in Progress... Carousel (oil painting)

Hi, Hope everyone’s well and creative :)
I started working in this painting in July 22 and I’ve took pics in every step … I wanted from the start to share this process with you. It’s my 3rd oil painting so things are not comfortable as acrylics and watercolours. I still have to learn things while I enjoy painting.

First pic above (makes me smile every time) .. this is how I started… and many things needed to be correct … I worked with the bottom of the carousel and made the road surface smooth… then I had the idea to make the carousel standing on the sea… but first of all, I changed the colour tone of the whole painting (using very diluted oil).

After finishing the tooth-paste-looking sea I start thinking about horses and children … hm not sure yet how many I will do. In the end I dec


Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that me and Zombie Rust will be participating with some super-limited prints in "WhyNotWausau Festival
": It’s the first annual WhyNotWausau? International Art Exchange, a first-of-its-kind music/arts/outdoor festival. There will be a gallery show and much music from BlueHeels, Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls, Steez, .357StringBand, The Daredevil Christopher Wright, Communist Daughter, Farewell Milwaukee, Absinthe & the Dirty Floors and Trapper Schoepp & the Shades.

We’re both extremely excited, it will be open in less then 3 days! They are tickets available to order from the site if you want to be there – unfortunately we can’t be there in person but we have arranged many photos :D

A wonderful day to all x

Work in Progress: Oil painting I & II

The first one is already finished… I still haven’t scan it, and Drawing Day is tomorrow, so … I will probably upload it from the next week … much darker isn’t it?

Here’s the 2nd oil painting I’m working on…

I’m absolutely obsessed with this one. It just something that I cannot explain, it’s something in her face… I’m sunk into her. She also reminds me of … Eugenia (dear little doll). Anyway, we wont have big changes here… I promise! I just want to highlight her half right face, shoulders and chest… and some brushes there and there… make green colour more green a bit more! I also have to paint the black frame again cause it’s not oil. I used acrylic paint to make the frame black, just for quick and clean ;)

Work in Progress: Oil painting I

So I started painting with oils again … I haven’t really finished any painting with oils before, just some silly cute trees and flowers. I used to play a lot with them when I started, I didn’t even remember it. Anyway …
I used a 35×50 cm canvas for the first attempt, it changed many forms and colours … I really should photograph some of them! I would be fun to look at them now. At some point it turned out this perfectly purple tone, so I thought to keep it without smudges.

I just feel to weird these days … I have this voice in my head telling me to make something NEW … make a step forward for me – my art. Sometimes I feel I haven’t done anything good until now, or I should made less and better … and I feel so deeply disappointed with myself. I’m trying to work my head out with oils unt

Community Inspiration Interview

From this weeks Community Inspiration Post

1. What’s your favourite artistic tool or piece of equipment (past, present or dream)?

Even though lately I find myself painting for hours digitally with Photoshop, my true love is my paints (acrylics, grouache and watercolours), brushes and canvasses. Nothing compares the smell of the wet brush and paint.

2. Which work are you most proud of and why?

Forgive me but I cannot say one…

Her eyes…so innocent … because she is m y masterpiece. This painting changed my hole life and I couldn’t breathe without staring it every day and moment.
DISINTEGRATE … because… I can’t find the words to say anything more… I wouldn’t be the same if it haven’t found (my) the cure.
THE RAVEN … because I love it. It’s my most perfectly fictional girl-scared horro


Hi to all.
I just want to let you know that I am in very tough times with my health, a very hard situation of my eyes.
I cannot longer keep up with anything here right now. Perhaps you have already notice my absence lately – except maybe a few activity “by force”. I really don’t know what tomorrow will bring, it seems impossible only to imagine stopping being here. But right now it seems honestly extremely hard to even make a dozen of features in one of my groups, I cannot sit that long in front of the screen without being sick. The last time I have completely ignored my activity, I keep up with difficulty my groups… right now I don’t think I can do anything at all.
Although all these I have still art I want to share with you. But I don’t feel comfortable to upload them since I have disapp…

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