inspired by the bubble, but concerned by some smelly spam

been a member for a week or two now, and really enjoying finding my way around . i was told on joining the bubble could be addictive, and it certainly is. the amount of great work on it is both inspiring and humbling, both of which have to be good. looking forward to joining a few more groups; i like the idea of starting one too but need to explore the ones already here more extensively.
i’ve not sold anything here yet, and i’m not sure how much i expect to, though of course it would be good. obviously the site has a commercial raison d’etre, to sell prints, but its the sharing of work and the feedback from other members thats been giving me a buzz,
BUT a bubblemail i got today gave me a very nasty turn, and makes me a little wary. it came from ‘printservice’ and is blatantly soliciting work for a cheap printer/distributor in china, where copyright enforcement is virtually non-existent. i certainly won’t be sending them any work of mine, and i trust no other bubblers will be tempted. we put forward work we have taken time making, are happy to share it and, if we are lucky, sell quality prints. to do this we release high quality, high res, files of this work, in good faith. i just hope the bubble isn’t leaky in the direction of unscrupulous pirates with no interest in quality or even re-imbursing the artists fot their hard work.
having said i will be adding to my bubble portfolio over the weekend.

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