I'm having Tee shirt designer's block!

Hi everyone! I miss you! mwa mwa! (Ewww! wipe that off guys it was meant for the girls!)
I have been a bit off of late. I have a chronic illness that doesn’t know the meaning of the word NO! Fresh! Trying to be a good karateka (karate student – like Daniel san) and battle on. Since I have been under the weather my design side of the brain has been a bit…umm… shall we say limp?. Never fear! Your friendly neigbourhood, karate kicking, rock n rollin’, forklift driver knows the main gist of karate – “Never Give Up!”

Bloody hell! Until next time I leave you with this haiku:

fever shakes my hara,
gut wrenches from cramping pain,
this Forky never quits!

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