I forgot to brag about my latest sales!

Guys! I had two sales of late. The snowball is rolling and the avalanche is growing! Lookout below!

Yep I sold 2 shirts. This one:

I was really hoping to sell “Pawnstar” and it went yesterday. (Cheers to the buyer in the UK of all places). I dunno I just really like this one myself too so I was happy it went.

I also sold:

This went last week. It was my very first “Request-A-Tee” and it was the buyers whole idea. (zee1). Thanks zee1 your a top minion. I was actually pretty happy with the result. zee1 made the request and the idea just popped into my head. I just wish I could do the same with small business ideas and pick-up lines. Oh well!

I have a whole bunch of stock out back in my warehouse. My favourite is this:

but I haven’t managed to move any yet. There are just crates and crates of them outside collecting dust. Umm… oh yeah! these two have also been very popular:

So come on into my gallery. Have a coffee and hang out for a chat. I’ll be the one in the flanny shirt or the bright yellow safety jumper.

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