Alan Reading's new Tee! Ta daaaaa! I need some feedback to my journal people - I'm lonely dammit!

New to my gallery The Castle Tee:

I’ve been feeling a bit off of late – the gut region. I’m not coming up with too many designs either. Usually they just pop into my head from another plane of existence or something. I also want to admit something to you all. I’m color blind. Red green apparently. When I admit this ALOT of people usually start going through the routine questions: Oh yeah? What color is this? What color is that thing over there? Point to something blue.
Weird huh? No that wasn’t one of their questions just my observation.
I have another confession to make – I am blessed with male pattern baldness. Thanks grandpa. I save a fortune on hair care products and hair cuts. It’s where I get my superiority complex.
I haven’t been to karate this week. My training has slumped since the cold weather set in.

Does anyone out there have some good advice for sports training in the cold weather?

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