I take requests now! (and a Haiku)

Yes that right people it’s my new redbubble service. Of late I have been doing some custom Tees and Cards for some of my redbubble customers (fans). My new service is called “Request-a-Tee”. For example I produced this very fine garment for zee1 (don’t say you don’t know her!) just the other day:

She was really happy with the design and squealed delightedly!
The best part of this whole dealy is that its WIN WIN! Synergy people. What do I mean? Well you get a quality garment steaming hot on your door step and I get the inspiration to exercise that creative part of my brain (right side right?). See we both win. Oh yeah and I get cash too but that’s not important. What IS important is that I get to squeeze more creative juices out of my raw dripping brain straight on to your next T-shirt. “But Alan how does it all work?” I hear you type, well you ask for some kind of T with some kinda logo/image on it but it has a “personal touch” like your nephews name, or the pin number to your ATM card or something like that. All this lovingly hand crafted by me. Doesn’t that sound awesome?
Check out my recent journal entries to see how this whole service came about. It’s fascinatin’!

p.s I also do Request-a-cards – just like a chocolate milkshake only CARDY!

haiku time:

Cool air chills my skin
heart flutters like butterfly
Request-a-Tee’s ROCK!

See what I did right there? I used the traditional western haiku 5-7-5
template, went with the old reference to season line then totally rocked your world with the Request-a-Tee direction change. Hey what about Request-a-Haiku!?!??!

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