Latest "REQUEST-A-TEE" for zee1's lil nephew Bill.

I dunno some people think because I’m a struggling artist slash forky that I can jump through hoops. But zee1 waved cash under my greedy lil chin and voila! Instant kids shirt!

THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE MONEY TALKS AND I WALK! (hmmm that sounds familiar….oh well) so here it is the first prototype of zee1 REQUEST-A-TEE:

It’s modelled by some strange little kid who hangs out at redbubble. He doesn’t have a home and survives off the redbubble crew’s scraps. He holds his mouth open and they throw the food straight in. Poor lil bugger. ;(

SO! if you’d like a custom designed “Request-a-Tee” and you think I am desperate enough to do the job then you know where to find me.

Zee1 sadly it seems kids shirts only come in white. You could get him an adult size and feed him lots of McDonalds. You’ll be his favourite relative!

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