New Tee uploaded - spend big!

Hi guys I have a new T-shirt design up for your approval.
I don’t want you to judge the shirt BUY IT’s colors.
I don’t want you to judge it BUY IT’s design.
I don’t want you to judge the new shirt BUY IT’s designers past comments.
I certainly wouldn’t want you to be put off BUY IT’s crazy pricing.
I definately….. screw it – just BUY IT!

Here it is enjoy:

I hope you like it. I hope it won’t give you nightmares. Unless you want nightmares? In that case heres my advice:

Eat lots of junk food before bed. Get all hyped up by running around heaps before beddy-byes. Then put way too many dooners on your bed and turn the heat up a little bit. Wear flanel PJ’s. Lay on your back all night keep your body straight with your hands beside your body. Do not turn from this position if you can help it. Keep your spine and neck as straight as possible. If you know how, use the relaxation response method of meditation and slowly relax yourself into a deep trance state. Start thinking about horrible things. Good luck!

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