Should I? (and Red Rag 2 review)

:‘Should Alan Reading be allowed to be creative AND operate a forklift?’…..well I shouldn’t be BUT I am ;) see?:

It’s only a crime if you get caught! Nobody stopping me so I’m just gunna do what ever I want. :P nyaaaa!
Isn’t creativity about having an open mind to do anything even if its naughty? Or is that the definition of a spoiled brat?
Waitaminute!?!?! is there any difference between a creative genius and a spoiled brat?

I dunno. Think I’ll go squirt a whole can of instant whipped cream onto a tim-tam and leave the whole mess for someone else to clean up. God! thats so creative!

Check out Red Rag 02!

It’s got this awesome argumentative attitude! This week’s argument: “Should it be ok to get your duds off online?”….something like that anyway. Also there is this really sexy new logo. It’s a pic of Melinda Kerr wearing nothing else but a bull costume! It’s ok tho she is silhouetted so it’s not porn much. Grrr she’s so hot! In stores now!

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