T-shirt Competitions are fun aren't they? blink blink

So umm….. is the original Tshirt comp still on? Y’know the one about “23rd Century Human Anatomy”? That those fine people at Lucan Industries (God Bless ’em) CAME UP WITH FIRST!!!! This sounded interesting before the hijacking took place. Oh yeah I read the whole thing! I saw what you did you Red Bubbled Baboon butts!!!

This whole SHAMOZZLE is a dirty affair at best! (Best read in a deep rattling manly forky voice)
Still I want to enter something.

Y’see money aint so important. NO! Not to an evolved human being who has become SELF AWARE. What IS important is exercising the grey matter (duh! da bwain!) so that in future we aren’t sitting around in rocking chairs, elevator music blaring in the background, sucking meds through a straw and waiting for the nice hairy nurse to come and give us another sponge job!

I for one am not motivated by money my friends therefore I am morally superior to redbubble (Baboon butts) and all of their lackies! Take that and that!

Yet I find a strange compulsion to need some money to celebrate my win…..
hmmm……. “In praise of shadows” you say?…… hmmm (hmmming with one eyebrow raised and index finger pointing to chin) I’ll enter! Yes you heard what I typed! I will enter this damned competition (spawn of SATAN that it is) only so I can snatch the filthy fly bitten cash from their wretched fingers and buy my new collection of Lucan Industries Tees! Dang Nabit!

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