Yeah 2 Sales!! Can you feel that!!!! (pumping fists in air)

So there you go! Yep 2 cards sold today. 2! count ’em 1 2.
2 of my awesome
iNinja? cards: .

So what do you say now Miss Melinda Kerr
IF that is your real name? Not so crazy an idea now is it? huh? Yeah! Take that! and that! I will add that Melinda Kerr really is a beautiful person and a knockout chick ;). She just doesn’t yet believe in my ability to rock this planet.
I’m not just any forklift driver from Kuraby, I’m an awesome forklift driver from Kuraby.

I suspect it was one of my minions who bought the cards.
I just want to say to that minion that you do not have to buy my love minion.
You can do me favours for it. I also accept barter card.

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