This personal journal involves Bikini Babes and Karate!

Sun warming my skin
Almost time for more lotion
Ooh! Bikini babes!

Muscles feel so tired
The day is almost over
Karate was great!

I am going to try and persist with my Haiku. Read a bit write a bit. Read a bit write a bit. I know they aren’t much but I just like the idea of expressing the moment. Isn’t that what we are all doing on here? Well…..except for some of my Tshirt designs!.

Robots are hardly ever in my moments of late.
Theres a point. How many haiku actually express the authors experienced moment? My karate one above is pretty much how I feel right now. The bikini one on the other hand is how I wish my experience was right now. Is that wrong? No. I can pretty much fantasize about anything I want – my subconscious won’t no the difference. (hehehee sucker!)

Here’s your homework: Go and comment on everyone of my t’shirt and card designs. I mean good hearty comments not that “ooh cute bot there” crap that keeps churning out. I want to here words like wicked! and “I’d buy that”. Go on off you go.

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