Tee Party - The Brisbane T shirt festival (a real knee slapper)


So I went along to the Tee Party at West End. It’s the first one they’ve ever done and it was a pretty good effort. I never knew Brisbane had so many tshirt designers out there. Some good stuff around too.

Put it this way it was a small start to what, I think, will grow into a huge Brissy event. I want to take some of my work next year. I can really see the potential in the festival. I didn’t take any works this time because I found out about it last Wednesday so I couldn’t really get my stuff together by today.

I dropped the redbubble name here and there and there was quite a bit of interest. Some local stores and businesses also displayed their stuff but I thougth the festival was supposed to be about artists. Oh well looking forward to next year. Maybe I’ll see some of you redbubblers there. I would also like to see it held in a bigger place like a park or something. Maybe some fairy floss and a jumping castle. They did have some live music playing a bit of bluesy stuff and some live hip hop types. That wa great. It really need a market, festival feel to it. I want to laze around, admire my new t shirts and listen to music while I scoff my sausage and bread.

Shirts were priced from 25 to 60 buckeroos.

Will someone go and comment on some of my tees. I feel lonely. I was sick from work today. (oops forget that last bit)

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