Take a short trip to my subconscious....

Drop in and see my Tshirt/card gallery. I have ninjas, robots, zombies, roosters, elephants, tough guys, forklifts, skullteddies, simple designs, chakras, Thing bots, rabbits, budgies and more where that came from.

It all started one day when I was walking back from ninja school and I noticed a robot sparring a zombie. They were shaping up like roosters. Suddenly it was broken up by tough guys driving forklifts. A couple of Elephants interrupted and found out the fight was over simply designed skull teddies. Thats bad for your chakras said the thingbots. A crazy white rabbit asked what was up and I had to talk like a budgie to repeat the whole story!!! Phew!!!

Haiku HIt:

My tootsies are cold
I hate having the snuffles
I love chicken soup

Your turn:

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