Mr Robot's Army Needs you!

Yeah You! there’s noone behind your computer chair I’m typing directly to YOU.
The Mr Robot T is here and your enlisted.
What War I hear you ask? (play along ok) Umm the war on boring jobs of course! Mr Robot is sick of acting like a robot and doing what he’s programmed to do – after all he’s not a zombie! (hmmmm mental note – make zombie T) So get your buddies together and give work the finger – its time for fun. WOOHOO!

This T-shirt looks best in white, silver, grey, pink, blue, lemon, red, green and olive. Oh what a coincidence – these colors are available! This shirt is guaranteed to make skinny butts look big and big butts look skinny. Its a uni-sex design but bi’s can order it.
Mr Robot Army T available for a short time only – probably the next bazillion years or while stocks last whichever comes first.

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