2 Shirts Sold on Monday!!

Woo Hoo!

Hey Everybody get in while stocks last!

Ahhh Freedom at last. The boss was cool about my resignation.
It’s not like I have to stop working completely. My Red Bubble Profile runs 24/7 and I have to be here for my fans dang namit!

(Ok Alan keep cool man and remember the little people.) So how are you guys doing anyway? …..

Oooh! almost forgot! I need to wait outside for the delivery of my new stretch Hummer (I hope the 2 t-shirt sale is a big enough deposit).
I’m only human.
I need to spoil myself too ya know!
I need to live! Won’t you let me live?

What’s that mother? You want me to leave the nice Red Bubblers alone now? Ok got to go!

Al :P

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