Hey Everybody!

I found out about Red Bubbles in a Scene Magazine in Brisbane. It was a teeny tiny ad but here I am. Your all invited to browse my portfolio – it ain’t much but it’s mine.

I’d be interested in collaborating on a project. I would love to see someone take one of my basic boring drawings (just pick one from the folio) and do your Photoshop (or whatever) magic with it. Or you could try respinning one of my characters in your own style, theme or whatever. Its probably asking too much but if anyones interested…go for it.

I’d love to do a record label or a cartoon strip one day. Dreaming is free right? One of my hobbies is lucid dreaming/astral projection. In the future I want to illustrate one of my dreams and put it up here.

Anyway nice to meet you all and good luck with your artworks.


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