Big Al's Redbubble Wish List.

Hey everybody!
What the heck am I supposed to do now? The journal was my whole thing and now its a blog and I can’t stand out like a sore toe like I used to. I want people to see my blog and now its shuffled to the back unless it’s really cool or something. Oh well.

Anyway I have been thinking about some redbubble possible mods I thought you might like to hear about (and comment on):

1. How about Postcards as well as Cards?
2. How about RB business cards or brochures/catalogues so we can spruke about our gear? (Discounted for RB users of course) That way I can do a letterbox drop or place a brochure under your windscreen wiper while your happily shopping away. (annoying huh?)
3. I don’t love the new journal format on the front page.
4. How about some kind of artist ID on the tshirts – maybe on the collar tag beside the washing instuctions?
5. How about featuring my gear on the frontpage for a whole week to make up for this new journal/blog monstrosity? I’m not sure I’ll ever really forgive you but this might help.

More ideas to come. I’m an ideas man. I come up with stuff.

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