Hey Everybody I Heart Redbubble!

How’s it going gang? Are we all good? Great. I just put up a new shirt today. It’s another one of those corny “I heart something or other shirts”. Well I guess I’m on the bandwagon because it’s my second one of those Tees. I guess I’m a copycat serial Tee shirt designer or something. It’s been a long week. I’m feeling a lot better and thanks for all your encouragement. I want to have some new stuff up very soon. I have a Karate grading this Sunday so wish me luck. Anyway check out my new tee:

I hope you like it. It’s a little crude and rude. So I think a lot of you will love it. Ummm…maybe a quick haiku off the top of my head:

Blue sky filled with clouds
Grass underfoot tickles my feet
At last! the weekend!

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