Inception Experience!

Well it didn’t go on for days and days like in the movie but I just had an Inception dream. If your not familiar, Inception is an awesome film out at the moment that describes spies working in different levels of dreaming. Much like lucid dreaming the time in the dream landscape can feel like days, years, months, whereas in reality it may only take a few moments. Maybe this depends on the attention span of the dreamer I don’t know. Anyway I was having a wonderful afternoon nap (I’m on holidays by the way but finish my article anyway) and I noticed that I kept dozing and then awakening thru the dream until finally, I got up and wrote this. My mum thinks I’m nuts. It was one of life’s nice little experiences.

We can do stickers too?!? HELLP!!!!?

Ok I have noticed some of these wonderful stickers floating around Redbubble lately.
and…I want some! I want to turn some of my existing t-shirt art (extraordinaire) into a sticker to annoy the public and such.
I can’t for the life of me find a way of doing this yet so if you could give me a little help?
Pleeeaaazzzeee! I’ll be ya best friend!

Your sincerely,

Alan R Reading.

99c bloody bland Tshirt sale!!!!

You read me right guys! I have just reduced all of my bloody tees to just 99c markup! and have chosen the very bloody bland white as the default color. I’m not bloody choosing the color for you babies while the sale is on you can bloody well do it yourself! This sales is only on while bloody stocks last so it may just last for bloody ever at this rate. “Why are you undervaluing your art in this way oh guru?” I hear you think. Well lets just say that I don’t. I want you to save some of your bloody pennies for a while because you work too darn hard for them. Don’t ya. You don’t have to thank me. It’s my bloody gift to you. But you better bloody tell your bloody tight wad mates about the sale and I’d better bloody well see some bloody buyer’s bloody booth shots too bloody!…

Thank for bloody r

Road Rage 2 - this time it's personal grrr snarl woof

Ok the other day I was driving home through my suburb when I spotted something shimmering on the street. It was a blue tongue lizard. For those not from Australia, they are a beautiful, slow moving, largish skink that actually does have a blue tongue. (look them up on youtube if you don’t believe me). Anyway I drove by the litte fella and it occured to me to turn back and put the little guy onto the footpath before an accident happened. I know! I know! what a big push over I am for native animals. There wasn’t any traffic so I thought I could be quick. I turned the car around pulled to the curb and was starting to get out when all of a sudden a white van came speeding around the corner. My heart started beating faster by now as I opened my door. (Ok close your eyes before reading any furt…

Road Rage!!!

I was out the other day and I saw one of those massive gas guzzling H2 Hummers drive past. Ok I thought it was pretty impressive but then IT happened. The dirtbags littered out the back window. ASSHOLES!!!!
Ok I feel better now.

Can anyone tell me what this dream meant?

Ok last night I had a scary dream (cool! I know!) that has a recurring theme. It went like this:…

I am in the house that I was raised in as a kid. It’s night time and I think that I’ve left the door downstairs open. This was always a BIG no no in my family. Ok so I go downstairs to lock it and while I’m in the garage I realize that someone is inside and hiding. That bit freaks me out even as I type this. So usually a dark shadowed figure (A bit like Mike Meyers out of “Halloween” I guess) comes after me and chases me everywhere in the house. I usually feel completely powerless during the chase bit. It’s one of those dreams where you wake up with your heart pounding through your jimmy jams. I think I’ve even managed to wake up shouting a few times with this dream.
Anyway last night the dre

Help! I can't decide!

Ok I finally decided to dust of the wallet and buy one of MY tees.
But which one? I’m one of those picky clothing shoppers (duh! a man) and I can’t decide which shirt to get. I think it should be the best example of my work so that I can spruke it on the buyers booth and look cool out on the town. I have 5 in mind:

1. Forky Skatebowl

3. Dogzilla! Get down ya mongrel
3. Yeehaaa!
4. Ultimate Ninja Device
4. Pawnstar Gold

What do you think gang? Hmmm maybe I should get two?
Comment below.

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