Fireworks photo (digi and film) suggestions?

I posted this in the forums but I thought I’d journal about this too.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks for taking pictures of fireworks? My balcony pretty much has front row seats to Washington DC’s 4th of July (our independence day) fireworks show. I’ve been the past couple years but as a tourist, not as a photographer. Any tips are greatly appreciated!!

I’ll probably have 2 cameras going, a nikon D70 and a canon AE-1. The former being a digital with an IR remote and the later having a cable release with fujichrome 100 slide film. This is going to be only the 4th or 5th roll of slide film I’ve shot, so I’m kind of nervous about this!!

I read somewhere that you can capture multiple busts in one image if you keep the shutter open and put a black sheet of paper in front of the lens during the down time and remove the paper when the actions happens. Any other tips?


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