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RedBubble Print Quality...

If you’ve wondered about the quality of printing RedBubble produces on the American Apparel tees, please take a look at the images below.

The first tee is ‘Continuum’ by Scott Robinson. Scott is the Master at line work, as I’m sure most of you are aware. The printing holds up really well and I’m more than happy with my purchase.

I imagine these type of tees are particularly difficult to print as the lines are fine, and I think I’m right in saying that, on the dark t-shirts a layer of white is printed first and the colour is then printed on top (forgive me if this is incorrect). The registration is very great, the final quality is as good as most tees you’ll see on the high street.

The tee: (excuse the check shirt but the tee is a bit big and I’m hoping it will shrink a little in the wash!)

Close-up of the print:

I’m not a photographer, but I’m sure you can see, the print is great.

The next design is one of mine – ‘Head In The Clouds’. I’m really pleased with the white line work, its so bright and pin sharp. The grey halftone really helps the main image pop.

Top work RB, the print quality has been great for quite some time now. Take a look in the Buyers’ Booth for more examples of great looking tees.


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