I raced my sister to the water hole leaving four deep prints in the slushy grass where our legs had ran past. She won, like always. Mom and the other girls always teased me because of my hairy double chin. It seems to slow me down a little more each day. I still seem to catch the men’s glaring eyes, but they’re not my type anyway.
I woke up every morning, fortunate to have one of the countries most largest and luscious backyards. Spending most of our day’s outdoors, we forget the rich green on what our gliding shadows lay upon. Heaven…

Mum looked unusually restless today. For a pregnant mother, like herself, she’s never been so anxious and shouldn’t be for that fact. Pacing up and own, blocking me from the door, I simply didn’t understand. One whistle of the boys pushed the pause button to her frantic fit and slowly, her legs gave way to a well earned, disturbed rest. Our identical eyes met. Brown met brown, glazed with motherly tears. A heart rendering mourn left her mouth and filled the skies. Invisible tears drizzled past my heart, tears of total irrelevance of my mothers. I stood, silently questioning as she cried with her knowledge. The whistle sounded once more followed with the expected crescendo of thumps from their suede boots. Our eyes still mirrored each other’s, gaze for a gaze, and tear for a tear.

A gush of wind covered my ears, a slow numbness took over my body and the beautiful vision of Mum turned to the darkness, leading me to my unknown destination.

A fresh, lengthily siren woke my sore body to large, threatening, silvery slabs of steel, four on each side and one to cover my head. A warm pain struck my ear. I smeared my head against my shoulder and turned, waking my drugged eyes to the confidence of bright red blood. Where was I? I still didn’t know. The heavy, unbearable pain rushed around me. God knows what happened to my ear. The steel walls were unclear and my eyes didn’t have the courage to fetch a reflection of myself.
The concrete floor carried the throbbing resonance made by the coded gibberish of unidentified men. A reflex ran down the line of girls, stood me up and did so for the following behind me. My eyes still fighting for clarity just realized the amount of us that were here. Well, none from home but I’m sure many from other families. How could I tell? A whole herd of us were present.
With much effort, I followed the line in front of me to, yet another, steel room, but this one with many utensils. I walked astray of the line to figure out where I really was and what was the purpose of this visit, but to my questioning mind came no answer and the unidentified had found identification. An emotionless, wrinkled faced man push my load back to the line, by shoving my arse. This had all been a mistake.
As they allocated us to our separate “dining areas”, the day reached night. At least something looked like our barn. They lay hay on the floor. Not enough to make me feel at home though. I soon came to the realization that there was nothing like home. I sat slanted to the side, and wondered what occupied my useless time. Truly, we moved from one fence to another to another. My stomach yearned for a sun kissed meal, my eyes pined the green and blue scenery, plated with the golden sun and my mind still valuing the unquestionable answer. I yelled for rescue, but all my cry did is blend with the other cold cries.
I felt relieved to hear the repetitive noise die down and raise the volume of impure silence. One by one the creases on my forehead ironed out. Satisfaction came to the sigh, but soon, I had to learn to fold my worries up and keep them where I found them. We were served flesh, raw pinkish flesh, of what poor creature, I didn’t know, let alone care. My head spun till it swelled my eyes with pulsing tears. A frustrated mourn lead the powerful chorus. The stars grew accustomed to our cries while the moon camouflaged to let a baby blue sky take over.
No, This morning could start with the same silver walls, cold to the skin and blood. Not the blue sky I once owned. I felt I couldn’t have been under the same sky I used to be. The clouds remained dense and as silver as the steel ceiling as if everyday it expected to forecast a piercing rain. After a few more days of this hell, I delicately placed that beautiful hand painted gift by god in a tall, glass bottle and sent it sailing back to the furthest city of my mind. After a few days of this hell did I know that this didn’t happen to be a mistake nor a visit.
Each day one less mourn for fresh, vegetarian food became less and my ears could hear the loud growth of disease between us. Deceiving my own body, I lead the horrible smell to my mouth and hesitantly fought my way through the dish, feeling the acid churn my body providing nothing but a lack of energy to complete my new daily chores of nothing. The fatter I grew the more I searched for the floating bottle to bring back memories of my sisters. This very night, I sent the bottle off for good.

The doors flung open circulating the evening breeze through the room. The hooks and knives danced on the wind in the spotlight of the moon. Several clicks gave rhythm to the concrete floor and a dozen of us manually moved into a line. Stenching blood of somewhere nearby distracted me from the frantic noises. Then I fell face to face with a carbon copy of the emotionless men. A feel of distress and pressure filled us both. Laying eyes for a moment followed by the religious procedure. To me, it felt new. So I watched and waited. The numbing syringe of a lethal coma hit her blood stream but didn’t circulate before she felt the blood run down her neck. The warmth of the gushing sea of red was her invitation to a delayed struggle. 2 men held her down and snapped off her hooves. Her eyes dazed in her foggy vision and her mind searching for a pleasant moment in life to flash the nightmare out her eyes. They peeled her fur till her corpse were left skinless in struggle to escape. The blood mixed with the others and her hooves no longer belonged to her but of a pile. Her legs flinched to find a direction, but her intoxicated veins fell to the ground. A snout of blood struggled the last breath and there she lay, victimized.
I was next.

A leather belt… a family meal… a cake ingredient…
And a living nightmare.

Daisy, the cow.

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