The master of poems

I am the master of any type of poem
If any one is better I don’t know them
The art of rhyming comes natural to me
Read most of my poems and you’ll certainly agree
Any type of poem I am the master of writing
At least that’s what I’m told
Pow, I hear guns fire as my thoughts are fighting
Placing me in a strangle hold
I started dashing as I saw lightning flashing and heard thunder crashing
However it was far too late to escape my fate
I felt the jolt of a lightning bolt
As my heart started to sing out a quote
That it had personally wrote
Will I ever see her lovely hazel brown eyes again?
This girl’s beauty took my be surprise
Sadly our love shall never be
A cruel fate to love someone who doesn’t love me
I can feel my heart shatter and splatter as people ask what’s the matter?
I began to give them a sad sorry sickening stare
Rejection had turned my heart to ice
For love was now my greatest sorrow
I still remember how her beautiful smile was like the sun
In those days life was fun as her smile brought warmth to everyone
And I’d stare into her eyes for minutes at a time
She’d get mad at me as if it were a crime
I enjoyed the awesome sound of my heart’s pound
As we chased each other back and forth on the playground
Until this day I continue to yearn
For her to finally love me in return
The master of writing any type of poem I am so
If anyone is better I don’t know
With my heart as blank as the sky
A tear runs down my face as I say good bye

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