My First 10,000

I didn’t think it would be important. I didn’t think I’d even notice. I mean it’s only a number, after all. Ten thousand views sounds like so many to me. I did notice. In fact, I kept track and watched as the magic number got closer and closer. It happened at 2:04am on 4 November, 2010, give or take a couple of hours.
To my amaazment, it ment that 10,000 pairs of eyes had gazed at my artwork. Some of that work I don’t even want to gaze at anymore. RB has given me worldwide attention. What conventional gallery could offer such a gift.
The gift of 10,000 views is a milestone and an important RB moment. Thank you RB for exceeding my expectations again!

It's Been a Year at Redbubble

Well, it’s been a year since I joined Redbubble. I have had 30 features, countless comments and become the co-host of 2 groups. I have made mistakes, corrected them and learned valuable leasons in the meantime. I have met amazing people with the kindest of hearts. I have met people with disabilities far greater than my own who can soar over my head and create work that is breathtaking. Also, I have learned that one kind word or gesture can make someone’s day just a bit brighter.Redbubble has been one of the most positive events in my life. It has given me a reason to get out of bed some mounings. It has restored my creativity when I thought I had none left inside. Through hosting, my faith in kind, gentle people was returned. I can honestly say I have not met a difficult or unkind…

The Struggle

For me, the struggle began when I was very young. I knew I wanted to draw and paint pictures since I was about 4 or 5 years old. I wanted to paint people. Unfortunately, due to child abuse my eyesight was affected and so was my ability to draw. My drawings were from out of my head because I couldn’t see real life.
I went through school and got good grades in art class. Then I went to art school and graduated with honours [not for spelling]. I thought I had done alright for myself. Then the struggle began. I began to doubt myself and my abilities. There were long periods of inactivity where I could not produce anything. I thought I had lost my dream. I had no direction, no purpose. I had no ideas, no drive. I was lost.
I had the chance to go to Europe. That changed everything. …


I enjoy hosting on Redbubble. I co-host in two groups Artists with Disabilities and the Acrylic Painting Group. It offers constant contact with the visual arts and artists. It Sharpens my creativity and design skills. It also helps my interpersonal communication skills.
My favorite task is the weekly features which I do every week for Artists with Disabilities and alternate weeks for Acrylic Painting. I am like a child in a sweet shop with so many paintings to choose from! Sometimes I use a ttheme or a colour. Most of the time, though, I choose what compliments each other. That way it stands as it’s own composition. Once the art is chosen, I B-mail all 12 artists. This is my own personal touch. Most of the artists write back with a quick thank you. Every week, however I get at …

RB Teaching me to be Humble

I took on a new hosting position with the Acrylic Painting Group. I started on Sunday the 27th of June. That was a bad day. I really wasn’t prepared for this position at all. It took all day and dozens of mistakes to figure out how to accept and how to reject work. I felt I was brave though, I never got upset. I worked 8 hours and just kept trying.
Most of the members were kind and forgiving, I am greatful to them. I felt I had to apologize to everyone for my not understanding the rules. I felt so lost, like a fish out of water. By the end of the day, I had figured out the computer which was my downfall. I had also got a much better grasp of the rules. I started to feel better about myself again.
As for the work, most of it was excellent. You name it and somebody painted it. Ther…

Numbers Needed for Artists with Disabilities

As you know I host Artists with Disabilities and love doing it. The group is a joy to work with and a pleasure to know. That is the 40 or so out of 240 people who participate on a regular basis. I want to reach more people. I want to see what the other 200 people can do. What kind of art do they produce? I love doing the weekly Feature, for exaample, but somtimes I am really limited by the same people all the time. I am very lucky these people are so talented. I think we would all like to see some new art from time to time. I keep careful records of who I feature from week to week so I don’t repeat myself. It is a careful balancing act sometimes.
I get some amazing Bmails from people saying that being featured has made their day. One woman even said she could live through intens…

I am Happy Today

I am happy today. I have had just over 5,000 views of my work since I joined RB 8 months ago. This is a milestone I didn’t expect to achieve so soon. I am also enjoying being a host for Artists with Disabilities. The group is fantastic to work with. They are wonderful people fighting with their abillities, not dwelling on what they can’t do. I admire them all. They are very talented as well!
I recently renovated my home and had to spend a week in a hotel. The hotel was near the Southern Cross Railway Station. I spent a lot of time people watching and decided to do a series of portraits. So far I have done 30 portraits in a naive or outsider art style. I have really enjoyed doing these paintings becase I love drawing the human face. I would love to get a feature with one of these…

RB is Teaching me to See

I have been co-hosting Artists with Disabilities for just over a month now and I love it. My fevorite part is really looking at the artwork that comes in from our members. Every piece has merit and it’s up to me to find it. Often the value of an image is how it’s placed with other images in a sequence. Colour and composition play the most important part , for me. The image needs to really grab the viewer.
The most exciting part of this job is setting up the weekly Feature. I have 12 images to work with. I can choose a theme or tell a story. This week I am using a picture of a window with 11 images of what might be outside in view. I am using a lot of blues to hold the work together. Our group is small so I try not to feature thhe same people every week. I choose the pictures b…

I Can Feel a Change Coming

Redbubble has done it to me again. I have volunteered to be a co-host for Artists with Disabilities. I am not sure what to expect, but like all my RB experiences I will learn quickly and politely. The two hosts of the group had health issues, so I felt I had to help. That group needs to go on because it offers hope. Sometimes it was the only group I have given my work to because I knew they would always accept it. Jennie Rosenbaum is the host at the moment. She is disabled herself and pregnant with her first child.
I have been doing a lot of reading about RB. It really is a wonderful support network of people who care. The hosts have special support channels they can rely on, it’s fantastic. This is especially good for me because it looks like both co-hosts are leaving the group…

Thank Heavens RB was There Again

Well, thank heavens another holiday season has ccome and gone. I spent too much money, ate too much, drank too much and passed too much judgement on too many people. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, so it’s back to the gym with my mouth shut.
I guess I can’t understand how people have no interests or hobbies. I mean I have always drawn, painted or written poetry. I love the arts, theatre and music of all kinds. How do people live without reading or creating? Life here is so empty, it seems void of all meaning, especially in the suburbs. I’ve had a very hard time making friends because people only seem interested in their kids and other domestic issues.
Also, if you do happen to meet someone you like you drift apart because you live more than 5km away from each other.
I hav…

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