A big heart felt thank you to evryone for the uplifting commentson my photos ……although I might like an image I never know what some one else’s perspective would be.Long story made short this site is great for giving confidence.
The beautiful art here is a treat to get to view,I am in awe of all the artist……a lttle piece of each person is viewed here.

A little about me , live in S.California….Palm Desert to be exact….about 12 miles East of Palm Springs. I work in Radiology ,for 14 years now. After being around the general public for extended periods of time I find solace in the great outdoors.Have lived here for soon to be 4 years ,prior to this lived back East. Traveled extensively five years prior to moving here,,,,, my contracts usually took me to the S.E.,but sometimes other locations.

Radiology and photography are very much mirrors of each other ,and as such I enjoy both immensely.

Thank you Red Bubble for giving all the many talented artist here a forum,so that everyone can enjoy each others works….and many thanks to everyone for making me feel welcomed and the many kind comments.

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