Simon Aberle

Adelaide, Australia

Thanks for stopping by! / I am a South Australian practising artist specialising in graphite pencils and soft pastels. I take portrait...


Self Portrait 01 by Simon Aberle Claire by Simon Aberle Young Love by Simon Aberle Passing Time by Simon Aberle Dwelling In Darkness by Simon Aberle Milo by Simon Aberle Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Simon Aberle The Wedding Series #3 - Darren & Tenille by Simon Aberle The Wedding Series #1 - Tenille by Simon Aberle Patience by Simon Aberle Her Eyes Couldn't Help But Be Drawn In.... by Simon Aberle Self Portrait 02 by Simon Aberle Paternal Bonding by Simon Aberle Freedom by Simon Aberle Bathing In Shadows by Simon Aberle The Wedding Series #2 - Darren by Simon Aberle Pumpkin by Simon Aberle Cast In Contrast by Simon Aberle Sunset Gums by Simon Aberle Immersing In Moonlight by Simon Aberle Robert Plant by Simon Aberle Missy by Simon Aberle  Cameron & Alistair by Simon Aberle Clint Boge by Simon Aberle Kris by Simon Aberle Emma by Simon Aberle Kid Pyramid by Simon Aberle Haka by Simon Aberle Alana by Simon Aberle Shedding Skin by Simon Aberle Cath & Rick by Simon Aberle Rebecca by Simon Aberle Mother Mary by Simon Aberle Carla & Ray by Simon Aberle Aussie Kids by Simon Aberle Sisters in the Sun by Simon Aberle Cuties by Simon Aberle


Take a good look at yourself in the mirror / If you close your eyes is the picture much clearer? / Now focus on just the glass, not the mir…
Christmas Commission 2010 by Simon Aberle


What is it exactly about your hands, / That my flesh so stubbornly demands? / Perhaps the static from your inner vibrations, / That conduct…
Ellie by Simon Aberle Rod & Sheree by Simon Aberle Bertie by Simon Aberle Past & Present Friends by Simon Aberle

’Twas the Heart

She carries with her a zest for life / Illuminating the night / For no darkness can ever penetrate / Her perpetuating light
Belinda & Donna by Simon Aberle

Dare To Dream

The battle’s just begun / But the war’s already won / If you can find yourself / You’ll find a pool of wealth
Art School Project by Simon Aberle


I’ve run out of words now that rhyme with Claire / And I have looked everywhere, yeah

Dead Ends

Is it stronger to persevere and hope things change? / You tune out your heart to hear your brain / You know if you stay it will remain the …
Jill & Norman by Simon Aberle

Mythological Creature

Babe if we fall in love / It might drive me insane / Because when you have to leave / Your essence will still remain


And he awakens. / Ablaze with fierce desire / He empowers her body / A force she can’t resist / For she has lain waiting, / Dormant, in his…


Slow / Why does it move so slow? / Like time has got no place to go / It just shuffles on / Dragging its feet in the snow

The Garden Of Desire

In The garden of desire / I lay dreaming amongst the trees / In this sanctum I was sheltered / From the bane, from the pain
Stag Cottage by Simon Aberle


My heart has just gone into quarantine / It’s too unstable and it’s there for my own safety


As I lay in the dappled shade of an old gum / Amongst the shed skin and fallen leaves / Of reds and purples / The sun piercing through them…


Watching her dance / Leaves me in a trance / Tornados spin / And cities cave in

Turn It Around

Bathe all your thoughts in / Positive light / Then you’ll dissolve all of your problems / And maybe you’ll sleep better every night

These Games

The atmosphere’s refrigerated / The tension’s suffocating / I can barely draw breath in

Worth Living

A sigh, a whisper / A gentle breath entices me awake / I’m persuaded by her silent serenade

Anger Management Therapy

I need to silence my brain before my mouth reacts / When my train of thought starts going off the tracks / Creating scenarios that haven’t…


The winds of change promise to lift me up / And carry me adrift
Front Man by Simon Aberle


A pressured question / Naïve intentions / Seeking acceptance

Silent Shame

The pressure builds / To a screaming climax / I lash out / And throw something
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