Disney's "African cats"

Always in love with Africa fauna and big cats, I knew I should watch Disney Pictures 2011 documentary titled “African cats: The kingdom of courage”.

Actually, a couple of days ago, I met a friend and his family. All the young children were in love with the movie and couldn’t resist the pleasure to tell me all about this movie they loved. But, boy! was I in for a surprise: They described me animals I could personally recognize!

As a matter of fact, I was in the Masai Mara in September 2008 when Disney Pictures shot the movie. So, I actually met some of the most prominent animals in the movie. Fang, the old lion who is chased out of his pride (I’ll post a portrait of him in a few days); Sita, the cheetah mother with her five cubs (she lost two of them to cheetahs, as is said in the movie, in November); The three cheetah brothers of the beginning of the movie. Maybe, some of the lionesses I met too (I’m not good enough at recognizing them for lack of easily readable pelt pattern contrary to the cheetahs).

So, I just grouped these photos under one common tag: Disney’s African Cats

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