Roughly Speaking 17

I love my job. Totally love it.

I had a shoulder decompression on December 13 2007. I wasn’t anticipating getting back to work until at least the middle/end of February.

I spent almost 3 weeks in Adelaide recuperating at my Mum’s house .. eat drink rest eat drink rest etc …

Get back home and the boss rings … can you use your arm yet?

Sure boss … what do you need?

So I"m back into it.

Today a big huge old gum tree fell apart. It’s one of those rather significant trees that the Aborigines used in their corrabories (spell that for me). Get a photo of that he says.

So off I trot, all eager and stuff. I spoke to the gentlemen who lives accross the road and he warned me that there was a very large swarm of very very angry bees that lived in that tree and their hive is now all over the place … be careful he said. Sure I’ll be careful.

I walk around the tree keeping at least 10 feet away … click click … no bees …

Keep walking around more clicking … get closer … still no bees …

hum bug … bees schmeeeez

I walk around to where the best angle is and get in 3 feet away … bzzz bzzzzztt bzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttt bzzzzzzzzztttttttttttttzskdl;aaaaaaaaaaaasds(^)&@#^%)(#&%)(&)(&%)()(S&)DGS(*

I really hope nobody got a photo of me running down the street with arms and legs waving all over trying to swat away annoyed bees. I made it to the car alive and one bee made it inside. I talked to it nicely and it left me alone.

I love my job.

I really do :) x

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