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  • Removable, individually kiss-cut vinyl
  • Ideal for smooth flat surfaces like laptops, journals, windows, etc.
  • 1/8 inch (3.2mm) white border around each design


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Straight Outta Area 51

Designed by RoufXis
Please make sure that you are getting the ORIGINAL High Quality, High Resolution design. There are now a few cheap imitations/copies floating around that are low resolution & show up blurry on the prints. My Product ID: 21600206 (all others came after) --- _*ORIGINAL DESIGNS BY ROUFXIS - ALWAYS HIGH QUALITY, ALWAYS HIGH RESOLUTION!*_ _*SEEN ON "ROUFXIS.REDBUBBLE.COM": FIRST!*_ _BEWARE OF LOW QUALITY COPIES & KNOCK-OFFS!_ (Seriously, some people know no shame) Be aware of imitators, when in doubt, check the product ID number in the web address!

Straight Outta Area 51 Sticker

Designed by RoufXis


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