How to Sell Your Art Online

Selling your art online (or selling stuff of any kind for that matter) is a whole lot simpler than you might actually believe right now. But the truth is that most people start out wrong and then make the same mistakes over and over again and fail to sell a single thing online. This article will take a look at the do’s and do not’s and provide you with a few simple steps to start selling your stuff online the right way.

Keep it simple and don’t spread yourself to thin . Concentrate on the bigger sites to promote your work , such as Facebook , Twitter and youtube. Get familiar with about three sites before you expand onto other sites , build up an audience on these sites , share your work .

A website is a good place to send your audience . There are plenty of free website providers such as wix websites or clikpic they provide a shopping cart and pay-pal intergration. I find blogs are a great alternative to a website , as you can update daily if need be . WordPress , tumblr and Blogger are all good sites to display art, you can set these up for free or pay to upgrade for more features and gadgets.

  • Keep in contact , keep updating , keep yourself on the radar. You should look at the internet as a marketing job in itself , give yourself a time when you market online , make a list of all the places you need to visit and update. When this gets too much of a time consuming job , you can automate it ,there are many different software applications that can add friends, share your work on many sites , add videos , in fact whatever you don’t want to do , there is something out there that will do it for you.
  • Online galleries and photo sharing sites are a good place to share your work, many are free to start a simple gallery, such as Imagekind and Red Bubble . Big sites such as Deviant art and Behance are also good for adding your art too.
  • There are other sites that are article directories and networking sites combined such as Squidoo and Hub pages , these sites although not commonly used by artists have the benefit of being favoured on Google and the other search engines. You can up load art easily to these sites and write about your art.

Where else can you sell your art to someone in Australia or France without ever leaving home? the Internet is the way forward for all artists , start marketing online and you will never look back.

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