Boycott Beijing Artwork

I’ve started this to keep track of any artwork I find that deals with the issue of a country with an appalling human rights record and an illegal invasion hosting the Olympics.

So far I have:

Yingying the Tibetan Antelope by Damien Mason

Torch of Oppression by DRAWNABLANK

Unofficial Uniform of the Chinese Olympic Team by Nofrillsart

Hop, Shoot, Jump by Betelnut

Five Handcuffs and Five Targets and Chinese Present for Tibet by Ronald Wigman

Disqualify by Yanmos

Olympic Games 2008 and Boycott Olympics 08 by Faizee

Sit In by Thetatecreative

2008 – Really? by Rubyred

Beijing 2008 by Cathie Tranet

The Olympianks by Kathleen

Oi Oi Oi Cott by Samedog.

Mankind by Bites

2008 Gold Medal by Vinko

Torture Games by Faizee

Beijing 2008 #1 Beijing 2008 #2 Beijing 2008 #3 by TeeArt

The World Is Watching by Mugshot

Beijing 2008 by me

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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