From The Back Of The Closet - #2

Welcome to this week’s Back Of The Closet! Another brilliant pop culture shirt this week from MiniMumma called Yum Yum 80s Retro Three

Now, if I have to explain this one to you, you obviously weren’t watching enough afternoon television in the 80s. It is of course, The Goodies!. I apologise to those too young, and those who never saw it, but The Goodies are a cultural reference point for a whole generation. Along with Dr Who, Kenny Everett and Monkey, they ruled after school television.
The genius of this shirt is that just from the hair (and Graeme’s glasses) you know immediately who it is. It’s a triumph of design simplicity. Here’s what MiniMumma has to say about the shirt:

My inspiration was only one of the best TV shows ever on, well, TV! My older sister got me into them and from then on we fought over who was the best – she claimed graeme or tim were I was a firm Bill Odie fan. I will still marry Bill one day…

Actually, Graeme was my favourite I must admit…

Thanx to MiniMumma for letting me showcase the shirt. Tune in next week – same closet time, same closet channel for another episode of From The Back Of The Closet!

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