From The Back Of The Closet - #1

To say there are a lot of shirts on RedBubble would be somewhat of an understatement. I guess only the admins know how many new ones are uploaded each day. In amongst the delightful designs and dire dross however, I feel there are quite a few brilliant shirts that are missed, ignored or sometimes forgotten. The idea of this semi-regular journal then is to highlight a shirt you may not have seen, may not have known about or perhaps completely forgotten about. Welcome to From The Back Of The Closet.

First off the bat is Wintoons by Naefox

A brilliant illustration for a cartoon series that doesn’t exist (but should!) based on the hit TV Show ‘Supernatural’. I know I would definitely be watching this. If there are any TV execs out there – take note! (Oh, and give Naefox a lot of money for the idea of course). How cool would the action figures be?!
I asked Naefox for a few words about the shirt:

A Saturday morning cartoon AU (alternate universe) where the original canon or concept is only a place to start (and there is always a dog).
Mary Winchester is alive in this version, mostly due to an interview where Samantha Smith talked about her character and how much she’d have loved to have played her as a hunter in a big leather jacket.
I was inspired by the Batman Animated designers style (Bruce Timm). His work is deceptively hard to mimic, all slight curves and straight lines.
I think the Monster Of The Week plot structure would suit a ‘toon show.

Thanx to Naefox for letting me showcase their shirt.

Stay tuned for more From The Back Of The Closet!


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